Uniquely Connecting People, Places and Possibilities

We believe life is better when shared with others. Our most powerful memories of an experiences are often fueled by feelings. Everything we do at Artifact Technologies is focused on innovating how people interact in social settings, enhancing their feelings to help preserve the most meaningful moments, and memories, in shared media.

Changing the Way People Connect

When people gather they form a unique shared experience. We enable them to connect instantly and effortlessly in real time to take advantage of the special synergy of the moment, bringing everyone together in ways traditional social media cannot.

Unlocking the Potential of Place

We have found the potential of place is virtually unlimited. We make every place come alive with possibilities by augmenting the real world with virtual media, in surprising and delightful ways, to enhance, educate, gamify, and amplify the impact of any shared experience.

Making the Most of Every Moment

People naturally come together around common interests. This affinity is magnetic, the value tremendous, especially when shared in real life. Our unique data systems not only create new connections through shared media, they help deepen existing relationships.

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